Welcome to aventuristo.net! / Bonvenon al aventuristo.net!

An adventurer is you! Or, in Esperanto, "Aventuristo estas vi!"

You know what? I wonder how many people figure out that if there's an api.aventuristo.net, there might also be an aventuristo.net? Let's do this: The first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh person to read this and kmail me the Esperanto word for meat (in general, not meat for human dining (viando)) gets 524,288 262,144 131,072 65,536 32,768 16,384 8,192 meat.

#1 for 524,288Discordance (#65689)2023-07-30
#2 for 262,144Octagon8 (#2178745)2023-08-15
#3 for 131,072Etsuko (#377741)2023-10-21
#4 for 65,536Glitch (#1885144)2023-11-08
#5 for 32,768Farsee (#2455701)2023-11-20
#6 for 16,384Zulu Romeo (#992353)2023-12-04

Here's my humble collection of things that I hope are useful for playing for playing Kingdom of Loathing (all links open in new tabs):

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